Friday, December 5, 2008

I've discovered a star (well not me really but yknow)

I recentley found a link to and i was AMAZED!! this site has the cutest ever renditions of deisgner clothing in bunny drawing form! enough said visit now!!

oh and you can buy the drawing or prints
or even a stuffed bunny with its own real Marc Jacobs dress!!!!

Chanel Pre-Fall: "Moscow on the Seine"

If any of you dahlings haven't watched the show or seen looks from Chanel Pre Fall, I insist you do now. Now, Chanel isn't my favourite house of fashion, not even second. It has great LBDs but (sorry! but i like it, just not a bundle) the palate has seemed just Grey, Black, White and maybe a pastel here and there. I respect Karl Lagerfeld a ton and Pre-Fall made me totally adore him! The palate here is a bright yet still sophisticated red with golds and a navy or wine here and there. To boot there are gorgeous accesories such as intricate head pecies and fur stoles. <3>S

Monday, December 1, 2008

I wouldn't call it a knockoff but..

Yeah my hand is better(and Veronica thanks so much for caring! You made my day!) so Stephanie Rose reporting for duty! I was flipping the The Boston Globe on Sunday and came to a fashion part. There was a dress I knew at first glance MUST be Anna Sui (from her Fall 2008 collection). Upon looking I relized that this was from Urban Outfitters. I mean, can that be considered a knockoff? Its so exactally Anna Sui!! Oh well, Its SCANDALOUS. oh and I want the $58 urban outfitters dress because I can't afford the Anna. And I don't consider it stealing because its not a knockoff technically. No regrets so....lets buy up!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kay.. so i learned

i may be M.I.A.

I have just gotten in a recent treadmill accident and all my top layers of skin on my right hand have been scoured off. Due to this I am unable to really type ( i am dictating now) so plz exuse the break of blogging

Monday, November 17, 2008


Chickdowntown is having a fabulous sale... ONCE YET AGAIN! 40% off EVERYTHING USING CODE BLACK40! Happy Shopping! Oh and ADDITIONAL 20% off EVERYTHING! using code ADD20! WHOWOWOOW!

Just wanted to say...

Oh My Goodness! Thanks so much to everyone that visits here and comments. I <3>S

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Fashion Favourite

When at Barnes and Noble, the bookstore with an astounding number of local and international fashion magazines, I usually get  myself into the predicament of what to buy, if only one. A few months ago I picked up Nylon, the more artsy-fun fashion magazine for a younger fashion lover. I flipped through and was immediatley in love. So perfect; awesome outfits, great articles on things that magazines like Vogue or Elle (they always include articles about Botox or any cosmetic surgery) wouldn't normally include, i. e. how to have FUN with fashion. Vogue and Elle always seemed sort of contrived, to old and very in-the-lines. Yes they had some great haute couture shoots and Yes, Vogues issue with SJP was fantabulous but c'mon! Nylon focased not only on celebrities relashionships or such ( I mean, I really don't care!) but the things that the celebrities have actually accomplished. And to boot, each of Nylon's monthy issues are dedicated to a specific topic, i. e. denim or it girls or musicAfter buying this one issue I immediatley subscribed. Thank You Marvin Scott Jarrett, 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So, The other afternoon I was scrolling through 's fabu sale. (40% off with code VETS40, now reduced to 30% off with code 30PLUS) and a cute Nanette Lepore Dress caught my eye. As I looked closer though I realized it was not only "cute" but TO DIE FOR!!! Priced at $235 (without sale price) I looked at this as affordable. Seeing as my only sources of income are babysitting and other forms of legalized slavery I am deciding to post-pone this necessity purchase to Friday, when the 30% sale will still be going! Unfortunitley I realized all of Chickdowntowns stock on this item is SOLD OUT, so I checked and Barney's NY still has it for a price in the same vicinity of Chick's. 
Wish Me Luck On My Purchase! {and plz, if you read this LEAVE a COMMENT cuz its :'(ening when there are no comments}

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008


just joined omg <3 it so much :) IT ROCKS SO RIDICULOUSLY! 


So since forever I've been wanting a PLAY Comme Des Garçons tee. Y'know with the heart face? The tee is just so french. Je le veux si mauvais! So, I checked out the obvious retailers such as barneys or shopbop. Of course, for a new version it may cost around $125 USD. Now I know that is not very bad in such an expensive fashion market but c'mon, I could buy a ton of vintage pieces for that much. So I checked out Ebay. Buying from total strangers across the US may sound somewhat sketchy and, yeah, it kinda is. But I found some great prices for the coveted tee like $10 [$13 shipping] ranging up to $30. Getting myself a PayPal  account soon and with a few clicks that amazing tee I've been wanting FOREVER will be mine!!!
Oh and again, in November, H&M debuts a great new line in partnership with Comme Des Garçons.