Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So, The other afternoon I was scrolling through 's fabu sale. (40% off with code VETS40, now reduced to 30% off with code 30PLUS) and a cute Nanette Lepore Dress caught my eye. As I looked closer though I realized it was not only "cute" but TO DIE FOR!!! Priced at $235 (without sale price) I looked at this as affordable. Seeing as my only sources of income are babysitting and other forms of legalized slavery I am deciding to post-pone this necessity purchase to Friday, when the 30% sale will still be going! Unfortunitley I realized all of Chickdowntowns stock on this item is SOLD OUT, so I checked and Barney's NY still has it for a price in the same vicinity of Chick's. 
Wish Me Luck On My Purchase! {and plz, if you read this LEAVE a COMMENT cuz its :'(ening when there are no comments}