Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Fashion Favourite

When at Barnes and Noble, the bookstore with an astounding number of local and international fashion magazines, I usually get  myself into the predicament of what to buy, if only one. A few months ago I picked up Nylon, the more artsy-fun fashion magazine for a younger fashion lover. I flipped through and was immediatley in love. So perfect; awesome outfits, great articles on things that magazines like Vogue or Elle (they always include articles about Botox or any cosmetic surgery) wouldn't normally include, i. e. how to have FUN with fashion. Vogue and Elle always seemed sort of contrived, to old and very in-the-lines. Yes they had some great haute couture shoots and Yes, Vogues issue with SJP was fantabulous but c'mon! Nylon focased not only on celebrities relashionships or such ( I mean, I really don't care!) but the things that the celebrities have actually accomplished. And to boot, each of Nylon's monthy issues are dedicated to a specific topic, i. e. denim or it girls or musicAfter buying this one issue I immediatley subscribed. Thank You Marvin Scott Jarrett, 

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Veronica said...

I agree, I've never bought a hard copy of Nylon but I used to be subscribed to the online e-zine version and loved it. Vogue can be amazing, especially the most recent Fantasy UK issue, but I often find the articles rather contrived and pretentious.