Friday, December 5, 2008

Chanel Pre-Fall: "Moscow on the Seine"

If any of you dahlings haven't watched the show or seen looks from Chanel Pre Fall, I insist you do now. Now, Chanel isn't my favourite house of fashion, not even second. It has great LBDs but (sorry! but i like it, just not a bundle) the palate has seemed just Grey, Black, White and maybe a pastel here and there. I respect Karl Lagerfeld a ton and Pre-Fall made me totally adore him! The palate here is a bright yet still sophisticated red with golds and a navy or wine here and there. To boot there are gorgeous accesories such as intricate head pecies and fur stoles. <3>S

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Steph said...

can anybody tell me what the HELL these lines through the text are and how to get them off ASAP!!!
plz plz help
i beg you
and thanks loves for reading my blog