Sunday, October 26, 2008


So since forever I've been wanting a PLAY Comme Des Garçons tee. Y'know with the heart face? The tee is just so french. Je le veux si mauvais! So, I checked out the obvious retailers such as barneys or shopbop. Of course, for a new version it may cost around $125 USD. Now I know that is not very bad in such an expensive fashion market but c'mon, I could buy a ton of vintage pieces for that much. So I checked out Ebay. Buying from total strangers across the US may sound somewhat sketchy and, yeah, it kinda is. But I found some great prices for the coveted tee like $10 [$13 shipping] ranging up to $30. Getting myself a PayPal  account soon and with a few clicks that amazing tee I've been wanting FOREVER will be mine!!!
Oh and again, in November, H&M debuts a great new line in partnership with Comme Des Garçons.